Best Drawing Room Design Ideas and a Brief History

Best Drawing Room Design Ideas and a Brief History

Best Drawing Room Design Ideas and a Brief History

What comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘drawing room’? Is it a room where you can do the drawing activities? Or is it a room full of drawings? If you think that way, you may be very unfamiliar with this term. However, if you are thinking about a room with sofas and fine draperies and collectibles with pillows and lots of seating, then yes, you are picturing it correct. So, what is actually a drawing-room? Here you are going to learn about its history and some of the drawing room design ideas.

What is drawing room and the history of it

The drawing room is the place where you can go there with your guest or you can use it to spend your alone time. The terms drawing-room originated from the words “with drawing” or with drawing room, which is generally used in the sixteenth to the eighteenth century in England.

The word “withdraw is applied for the fact that the room is used for someone who withdraws for a quiet and peaceful place. The room is a spot where homeowners or guests can enjoy some private time and space for relaxation and reflection. At that time, people usually withdraw to a room after dinner, the ladies and then followed by the gentlemen. The practice was going on until the 20th century. A drawing room can also be used to entertain the guests.

The term “drawing room” then becomes less popular and less used over time and replaced with the term “parlor”. It can be called the second living room when a house has more than one living room, the drawing room design ideas are the ones with a more formal vibe and it is sometimes also named sitting room.


Where is it located?

Usually, the drawing-room is located near the front door. A drawing room is likely to be decorated with more expensive furniture than the typical living room of a family. The furnishing is more likely something that supposed to be protected from the reach of children and pets. The types of furniture should be considered if you are looking for drawing room interior ideas.

Since the “drawing room” is rarely to be used, people are more used to the terms “den” and “living room”, when they have more than one living area in one home. Den refers to the more comfortable room usually where the television is placed, and the living room could mean the more formal room.


Drawing room design ideas

In creating a home drawing room design, you are going to need some inspiration. Something you need to keep in mind when you are designing it, a drawing-room should have a lot of comfortable seating. Though it is important to accommodate guests, you must also provide a special spot for you to enjoy some quiet moments. Here are some drawing room design ideas that will help you in designing drawing room.

1. Seating with button tufting 

This type of seating will add a formal feeling to an ordinary sofa. These days there is plenty of tufted seating which is very comfortable. This option is perfect to create a drawing room with a formal vibe and still comfortable. Seating can be the most important part in either in an ordinary living room or in a drawing room. Drawing room should have a more formal look seating but still, they should be comfy.

2. Pillows

Nothing can go wrong with throw pillows. Pillows are a great way to add patterns and colors as well as the best way to create comfort for the drawing room. Do not think that the pillow will make less formal of a drawing room, with certain colors and patterns your drawing room will still look fancy.

3. Choose your colors 

Do not forget that you are going to need the drawing-room for yourself, to enjoy time in quiet and to relax. This means colors. You need to find colors that you really like and allow you to enjoy the room. Some people like soothing colors and some others love bright and uplifting colors. Whether you apply paint or wallpaper, it is really up to you to decide which color truly gives you a good feeling.

4. Choose your furnishing

If you find it hard to choose whether you want antiques or modern furnishing, why not combining both? Be creative mixing both types of furnishings for your drawing room. This way you can have eclectic style as well as having the past altogether in your one drawing-room.

It is always okay to combine the artwork that you like or aesthetic objects with family pieces. Therefore, you have all kinds of valuable arts together beautifully in your drawing-room. As an addition reflective and metallic surfaces will turn your drawing room into more of a retro-modern style.

5. Wallpaper with patterns

Wallpaper is an instant help if you want to create a certain style to the drawing-room. Wallpaper with patterns will create ornate and glamour style, while a chic wallpaper will channel you to the past. Find out what you want and be creative with the wallpaper.

6. The Light

For the finishing element, your formal living room will need a touch of pendant light. The use of chandelier is also a great option. With the function to light up the spot, pendant light, and chandelier are also the focal point of the room.

Those are the inspirations to get you the best drawing room design ideas. Now you know what to do to create a drawing room in your home. Feel free to decorate with personal pieces as this can make you feel nostalgic while you are enjoying your time, and you can tell the stories behind them when you have guests coming over.

The main point is, though the drawing-room is also called the formal living room, do not ever put aside the need for comfortable seating. Find the seating that you can really enjoy sitting on, rather than only go for the design but uncomfortable. You can make it simple and soothing, or you can make it cheerful with all the patterns and colors. The design of your drawing room can reflect on what your personality is and how you enjoy your quiet time.

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