Best Living Room Decor Idea for Your Home Sweet Home

Best Living Room Decor Idea for Your Home Sweet Home Designs-min

The living room is the place where all families get together with their beloved ones. It is the place to enjoy the warmth of love and entertainment. The setting of your living room decor can determine the tone of the whole house. The living room is like the face of the house. This particular space is also the best spot in the house to showcase your taste of aesthetic.

Therefore, your living room design plan will reflect your preference, from color choices, texture, and patterns to the types of furniture. You need to find the best living room decor items and ideas that will match what style you want as well as comfortable space.

Update the light fixture

If you think updating the light fixture is only possible by replacing it, you thought wrong. You can put colors, replace the bulb with the round ones, or decorate the fixture with a pom-pom for a more playful touch. The light fixture usually locates in the center of the room which also makes it the center of attention. Decorating a light fixture will surely change the whole look of the living room.


The mirror

Looking for a living room furniture plan? Start thinking from the small but important one, the mirror. Place a tilted mirror against the wall. Mirror has always been an inseparable element for the room decor as well as its functionality.


Take the greens inside

To fill nooks or corners in any room not just in the living room can be homework for decorating a house. Why don’t you put a big houseplant in the spots, this will also become the center of attention in the room. To make it look nicer, decorate the pots with some colors.


Paint it new

Let’s admit it, the easiest and most brilliant way to make the old, new again is by repainting it. if you have a brick or wood-paneled fireplace and you feel that somehow it looks boring, grab paint in your favorite color to bring a new vibe to the living room. You can also repaint the whole house with the softest hue to bring a soothing effect from one room to the rest.


Mix it up

You love to add metallic elements as your living room furniture design ideas, but not sure how are they going to blend with the rest of the living room furniture? You can mix it! combine the metallic elements such as a copper table with wood elements such us in the chair or put another wooden table around. This will create depth in your living room nuance.


Choosing pieces of furniture

In choosing the furniture to be placed in your living room, you need to pay attention to the types of furniture. You can try this idea of putting one piece with round shape combined with one or two armchairs completed with the movable or flexible piece.


Velvet touch

Everyone loves velvet. The luxurious feeling and the pretty looking will create the best living room decor of yours. Try replacing your bulky seating with velvet sofa, this pretty piece will create a more spacious feeling in the living room.


Keep it low

Putting short pieces of furniture will give coziness to the open floor. Low pieces will give less “fullness” to the living room and give the room a more open area.


Deep hue on the walls

Even though soft hues are popular and comforting, sometimes you need to be bold on the walls. The use of darker colors such as navy blue will give neutrality to your backdrop. This dark blue is also a great option if you are too afraid to go darker such as putting black on your walls.


Comfortable seating

I personally think that the most important part of the living room is the seating. No matter what style you use or the colors you prefer, the seating should be at maximum comfort. Keep that in mind when it is time to choose the sofa, couch or armchairs that going to be placed in the living room.


Neat with storage

If you think shelves are boring, then use some pretty boxes or baskets to put the knick-knacks and create a neat feeling in the living room.


Rug with pattern

Your furniture is all in neutral colors and at some point, it looks boring? You may need some colors. Replacing the furniture is not the plan, it is the rug. Place a colorful or patterned rug to add some cheerfulness to the neutral-colored furniture.


Replace the curtain

It is time to let in the light, by replacing the heavy curtains with the sheer ones. this type of curtain is perfect for the glass windows which united with the glass doors. Put the sheer curtain covering the windows and door and it will create those romantic movie scenes as the lights in and the wind blows.


Full-size furniture

To make the limited space of the living room feels larger, it is better to choose one full-size furniture like a big sofa instead of putting several smaller seating. The big sofa will offer a more comfortable sitting place as well as making the room appear larger.



If you are into country style in designing your living room, you can put elements of natural in the room. From rust in the chair and table frame to the wood elements, and also stone and leather.


Finding the best

In finding the best living room decor you can either choose to make use of what already exists or buying the new pieces of furniture. Both have their own plus and minus if you try to use and modify what you have you need creativity and in choosing what to buy, you need to choose which one really works for you. Take the size of the room and how you want the room to function into consideration. Find the best style while not putting aside the comfy elements to make the living room is the perfect place for you and your loved ones to spend time together.

The living room is the place where all families get together with their beloved ones. It is the place to…

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