Awesome Living Room Furnishing Ideas for Small Living Rooms

Living Room Furnishing Ideas for Small Living Rooms

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Living room furnishing ideas – Having a small living room does not mean you cannot make it be stylish and functional. Furnishing a small living room indeed can be tricky, but somehow it is easier to furnish a small living room than the spacious one. With the right and proper furnishing, you will be able to make the small living room at your house becomes more attractive and cozier to visit by your guests.

Actually, the main design rule in furnishing a small living room is not really different from furnishing a big one. You just need to choose suitable living room furniture and do not force to place all the furniture in the room. Remember: the simpler the better. If you are looking for living room furnishing ideas, here are some inspirations that can be your reference.

Simple Furniture for More Spaces

The first room design ideas living room is choosing simple living room furniture for more spaces. It will be better if you choose living room furniture with clean and simple cuts. For instance, you can pick a single armchair for an additional seat. This will give more spaces in your small living room instead of a double sofa or big armchair. Simple furniture tends to have aerodynamic shapes which are beneficial to create a lighter nuance to a room.

Multi-function Furniture

Besides simple furniture, you are also suggested to choose multi-function living room furniture. For example, the one that can function as furniture and decoration at the same time. You can try placing a coffee table combined with a leather Ottoman chair. Pick a leather Ottoman chair that has storage so that you can store your personal items there.

A small room, including a small living room, usually lacks storage. So that when you are furnishing the room, adding a cabinet can be a solution. You can maximize the space under a living room table. You can even use an empty corner to place a rack. Make sure you utilize the spaces available well. However, you should still be careful because a cabinet and storage can quickly fill spaces.

Another example of a multifunction living room furniture that you can use is a sofa bed. A sofa bed is really space-saving. In addition, this multifunction furniture is also suitable for you who need sitting room furniture designs.

Wall Arts and Decorations

Next, you can use decorative elements which are placed high. For example, wall art that is installed a little bit higher, bookshelf, or floor lamp that will drag attention to the vertical space. This will distract your guests’ attention from how small your living room is. Or, you can place a flat-screen on the wall of your living room instead of placing some photos or paintings. Install a digital photo album filled with your family photos or precious moments in the flat screen as the replacement for conventional photo frames.

Small Yet Functional Living Room

Besides as a first place to greet guests, some people also use a living room as a center room for their daily activities. Some of them also use a living room as a family room. If you do the same thing, you have to consider the functionality aspects when it comes to living room furnishing ideas.

However, you should still keep the design simple, neat, and away from crowded and messy impressions. The key to such furnishing is putting every single thing in a proper place and keep it always organized. For example, you can choose a 3-seat sofa and a wall shelf to save spaces in your small living room. Having a wall shelf in dark colors will make the wall shelf itself looks smaller so that the living room will look more spacious.

Color Schemes

When you are choosing colors for a simple and small living room, neutral colors will be safe. A small room looks at its best with a 3-color palette and is very suitable for all white decoration schemes. When you want to place big living room furniture such as a sofa, bookshelf, or floor lamp, stay on solid colors and original wood colors. If you think that it will be plain and boring if you apply neutral colors in all living room furniture and decorations, you can pick a decorative wallpaper for the walls of your small living room. This is also a great option for you who search for sitting room interior design ideas.

Small Living Room Style Ideas

If you are confused about what interior style that you should apply for your small living room, you can consider these styles below.

If you want to bring the Scandinavian Minimalist style to your living room, choose living room furniture with color tones which are not really different. Such as black, brown, beige, broken white, and grey. For the Scandinavian touch, you can add green. This way, your small living room will look cozy with the Earth tones.

Applying a monochromatic theme is one of the instant ways to accentuate a minimalist style in a room. By applying a monochrome minimalist style, you do not have to be confused about choosing or mix and match colors for the furniture that will fill your small living room. Greyish, broken white, light brown, and other colors with the same tone without any pattern will do. By choosing a simple yet elegant living room furniture, you do not have to be worried about creating too much impression in your living room area.

Those are some living room furnishing ideas that you can try to the small living room at your house. As it is said before, the key to making your small living room comfortable and cozy, away from a crowded impression is choosing the right furniture that is suitable for your small living room. Combine it with bright colors and proper lighting. You can have a big glass window to let the natural sunlight comes into your living room. So, are you ready to furnish your living room?

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