New Living Room Ideas

New Living Room Ideas 1

Do you want to start to redesign your living or designing your living room from the scratch?  Through our new living room ideas, you could get an inspiration to lighten up your lounge, to liven up your sitting areas, or even restyle your living room. Therefore, this article will give you some home living room ideas in which you could make a comfy living space where you and your loved ones could relax and spend your time together. Without further a due, here is the ideas:

Open-plan Living Room Ideas

The first new living room ideas that you should consider to try is open-plan living room idea. It is a kind of living room decorating style that is multi-functional and suitable for family space. This living room idea should be well-designed and able to employ them over all room with their function. Smart styling and decorating will make the room look like it is separated but seamless.

Create specific areas with different textures

If you want to make a long-plan open space you should create specific areas with different textures. You could start using different materials and textures to make a specific divide between your dining room and living room. For example, you could make the area around the stove with woods, and then match it with lush crushed velvety sofa in aquamarine and mustard with old looking rug underfoot. Meanwhile, the dining space is brought together with ordinary wooden table and the wooden barstools which is channelled up by the kitchen bar at the far end.

Go green indoors

You could crave the deception of spectacular landscape with a trompe-l’oiel detail wall for your open-plan new living room ideas. A wall mural illustrating a lavish green forest or grassland could help to appreciate the greenery of the filed. Furthermore, it could also add the depiction of extra space. To give the space more of botanical feel you could add an extravagance velvety green upholstery and a cluster of houseplants.

Let the light in

To make sure that your room stays bright, you need to get natural light sources. It is one of the best interior design for living room that could make your living room to be more spacious than it actually is. You could install sliding door that bring you directly on the terrace area, offering a seamless relation to the outdoors.


Green Living Room Ideas

The next new living room ideas that you could try to liven up your living space is the green living room. As the start you could redecorate your living room with the colour of the season. To get the laid back, and shooting feeling you could try these natural, and calming shade to your living space.

Use green colour in oh so delicate way

When you want to capture the spirit of the spring on your very own a teeny bit of greenery will be the best bet for you. You could start to do it by proposing via fabrics or wallpapers. Although, you could also propose the idea through prints that presenting petals and fern concepts. This kind of concepts will be able to create an elegant and romantic look. To compliment the look you could add furniture that is made by natural wood or classic metal. This could definitely become one of your living room design inspiration.

Merge furniture and walls in one green tone

In order to make a continuance of space, you should paint the walls as well as the furniture with same shade of green. Moreover, this way you will make your furniture and walls seamless and integrated. To further compliment the look, you should add the touch of pink colour to your living room. For example you could choose a soft pink cushion for your welcoming seating area.

Try a trend-proof pattern

Another green living room style for your new living room ideas that you should consider to try is a trend-proof pattern. It would be so wise of you, if you just keep your living space classic. To start this style you could choose a dim Ikat or an elegant filigree. Furthermore, this kind of classical pattern is perfect for setting off attractive furniture. Aside from that, these patterns also easy to mix and match with another patterns.


Pink Living Room Ideas

The next new living room ideas that worth to try is pink living room ideas, especially for you guys who are pink lovers. Nowadays pink is not only reserved for girls bedroom, but also reserved for living room decor themes. With pink living room ideas you could create a sense of romantic, elegance and fun. To get this look you could always use soft pink colour, pastel pink, coral pink, fuchsia and et cetera.

For laid back luxury use layer pink and gentle silk

You could create a shooting laid back living space with the touch of decadence, you could try to mix petal-soft pink, peach and tea rose with subtle Japanese kind of pattern.  Gown your sofa with extravagance tulles and linens, decorated in smooth oriental motifs to add an ornamental aspect to your pink colour scheme. Furthermore, you could dress a panel in a gorgeous wallpaper for a prompt feature wall which changes up the setting for the season.

Try a balancing act

You could live up your home living room interior design with a balancing act style. First thing first you need to balance your powder pink walls with the same amount of soft white and a hint of warm neutral. There are several cool colour that you should know such as stone, sand, soft pink, and powder pink. Meanwhile, natural wood is warm colour, so it could warm up the powder pink colour. Try to involve abundant of textures with linens, woven accessories or even ceramic to get a contemporary sense that won’t age.

Match pink with wood grain

The next pink living room ideas for your new living room ideas that you should try is match pink with wood grain. Paint your wall with rose pink colour. And then, match this soft shade with white-washed wood barrier, to get more definition. To compliment the overall look you should add furniture, flooring, and smooth decoration in a combination of natural and earthy tone.

Do you want to start to redesign your living or designing your living room from the scratch?  Through our new…

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